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Sciatica During Pregnancy – 5 Ways to Stop It

Sciatica during pregnancy is an extremely common complaint from expectant mothers. Sciatica is most common in the second and third trimesters when the growing baby puts pressure on the spine, causing a compression of the sciatic nerve.

How can I tell if I have sciatica while pregnant?

Sciatica differs from other back or leg pains that are common in pregnancy. You’ll notice that the pain will feel sharp and shooting and will often run down your leg. Sometimes, sciatica affects only one part of the leg, like the buttock or calf.

Sciatica during pregnancy can be confusing, as aches and pains all over the body are so common when you’re carrying such a lot of extra weight! However, you can usually tell that what you are experiencing is true sciatica by the sheer severity of the pain.

Learn how to cure sciatica during pregnancy

You may also feel pins and needles or numbness along with the pain. This is another indicator of “true” sciatica.

Why do pins and needles occur with sciatica? Find out HERE!

What causes sciatica during pregnancy?

There are so many changes that occur to the body during pregnancy, but increased body weight and changes in posture are usually responsible for sciatica in pregnant women.

Watch the video below for a great explanation of this:

Do I need an MRI scan for sciatica during pregnancy?

Sciatica during pregnancy is usually diagnosed based on your symptoms. However, if you have any “worrying” symptoms (like private region numbness or loss of bladder/bowel control) you might need to be reviewed by a specialist.

Read about when an MRI scan for sciatica might be needed HERE.

How common is sciatica during pregnancy?

So common that over 50% of women will experience sciatica during pregnancy!

Although it is extremely common, the general information online about sciatica during pregnancy is poor. That’s why I wrote this article; to clear a few things up and make some suggestions for anyone suffering from nagging sciatica while pregnant.

sciatica during pregnancy can be helped with these exercises

Did I do anything wrong to get sciatica during pregnancy?

Sciatica during pregnancy is often just a fact of life – it occurs as a direct result of an increased load on the front of your body.

This leads to great pressure through the spine and discs. If you have a very small, usually harmless disc bulge, it could be pushed towards the sciatica nerve, causing the sciatic symptoms.

Don’t worry – sciatica during pregnancy usually resolves after you give birth.

However, there are still some measures you can take WHILE pregnant to ease your pain and improve your symptoms.

Will sciatica during pregnancy affect my baby?

The sciatica itself will not affect your baby at all. However, make sure you stay active despite the sciatica during pregnancy – you need to be sure that stress levels are kept under control and you stay healthy while carrying your child.

Try to relax using some of the techniques from this article HERE.

What’s the best way to treat sciatica during pregnancy?

#1 – Wear a Pregnancy Girdle

It might sound uncomfortable, but a pregnancy girdle may actually lift your bump and distribute the weight of your tummy more evenly.

This will have the effect of taking pressure off the spine and that could help ease your sciatica.

a pregnancy girdle can help sciatica during pregnancy

#2 – It’s OK to Rest!

Although I said it’s important to stay active even when suffering from sciatica during pregnancy, it’s important to get your down-time too as suffering from a painful problem can make you stressed and tired.

Find a sauna for emotional stress and sciatica relief through the de-stress and heating effects. Helps with sciatica during pregnancy

Try having a lay down on your side; lying on the side of your non-painful leg.


#3 – Try Hot or Cold Therapy

There is lots of evidence behind cold as a treatment for pain, stress and even excess weight!

The question I most commonly get asked about this is: “If sciatica is coming from my back, should I put the cold on my back or leg?”

The answer is: whatever suits you, but personally I would begin with the back.

Here’s why:

  • Your back will likely be tight and sore when suffering from sciatica during pregnancy. The cold compress will help to dull the pain.
  • The direct cold treatment may help to ease inflammation around the problematic nerve in the spine.
  • Your back is a central part of your body – there is some evidence to show that treating a central area of the body will have a global pain-relieving effect on the entire body.

If you opt for heat you don’t leave it on for extended periods and you don’t let it get too hot. It’s best to only apply heat or cold for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time.


#4 – Stretch the buttock on BOTH sides

Try this stretch from a chair, first on your non-painful side, then the painful side. You may notice a rapid improvement in your symptoms.

It is important to stretch the painful side GENTLY! This means that if it is making your pain worse, abandon it and stretch the other side only.

Hold the stretch below for 30-seconds, then swap sides. Repeat 4-5 times on each side each morning.

seated piriformis stretch to help sciatica when sitting. can help sciatica during pregnancy


#5 – Try the anti-inflammatory diet!

You can try making some substitutes in your diet for a rapid improvement in whole-body inflammation, which will then lead to less pain from sciatica during pregnancy.


Try eating MORE of these foods HERE.

Try eating LESS of these foods HERE.

Pineapples are a foods that help sciatica through their antioxidant properties. can also help sciatica during pregnancy



Sciatica during pregnancy can make an already confusing and stressful time even more so! Luckily, almost all of the information on this site still applies for those suffering from sciatica during pregnancy, so you can follow the advice and guidance here to ease any stubborn sciatica.

Try to remember that the pain SHOULD resolve rapidly after you give birth!

If you need further help and guidance about sciatica during pregnancy, why not see my 90-Day Plan? It’s perfect for anyone looking to avoid the stress and strain that comes from carrying a baby while suffering from sciatica.

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