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2020 Guide: The 7 Best Products for Immediate Sciatica Pain Relief at Home

I have been asked about my top recommended products for immediate sciatica pain relief at home a few times in the past week, and I have some great ideas to share with you here!

Aims of this post:

  • To recommend some of the top products that work for my clients with back pain or sciatica who need fast relief
  • To show you where to find the best deals for these products

My Top Recommended Products for Immediate Sciatica Pain Relief at Home

You may have already read my post HERE on tried and tested products to make your life that bit easier when you have sciatica… Now, the products in that post are really useful over the long term, but the ones on this page are designed to give you immediate sciatica pain relief at home, which is exactly what you need on those inevitable bad days!

These are the tried and tested products used by my clients and other sciatica sufferers when the pain gets just too much to bear.

It is absolutely necessary to reduce pain whenever you can when suffering from sciatica. This is so the hyper-sensitivity in your nerves that we talked about HERE has chance to calm down.

If you want to read more about the symptoms of sciatica, see my Ultimate Guide HERE.

Now let’s talk about the products you can use to provide more or less immediate sciatica pain relief at home. I’ve chosen these products as I feel they bring the most value and effectiveness to the user.

Just so you know, if you buy through one of the links on my website I will earn a small commission towards the running costs of this site (at no extra cost to you!) So if you use these links, thank you! But feel free not to if you’d rather shop for them elsewhere online.


Products for Immediate Sciatica Pain Relief at Home

TENS Machines

Trans-Electric Neuromuscular Stimulation (TENS) machines are clever pieces of kit which use small electric currents to relax a muscle.

The way they work is by sending on-off currents through pads and onto the skin, which passes through to a muscle and almost massages it.

This will have the effect of relaxing that muscle over a number of minutes and can dramatically reduce pain.

You can use TENS machines to get immediate sciatica pain relief at home by either placing the pads on your lower back, or on your leg.

You are likely to get benefit from either if sciatica pain relief is the goal and what works for one may not work as well for another. The key is trial and error.

Some of the best units I can find online are:

TENS machine number 1 for immediate sciatica pain relief at home

Med-Fit 1 Dual Channel Tens Machine-Fast Effective Pain Relief Ideal For All Types Of Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

This one represents great value, currently being half price. It is the most popular TENS machine on Amazon and has different channels where you can modify the strength of the electrical current very easily.

It also comes with a spare set of pads which do last for several weeks each (replacements are really inexpensive too).

Second more expensive Tens machine for immediate sciatica pain relief at home
Tens Company Premier Plus Dual Channel Rechargeable TENS Machine for pain relief

This Tens Company Premier Plus model is a really top of the range TENS machine; rechargeable, up to 99 settings and a reliable, compact build. If you’re looking for top quality, this is the one to buy.

Another tens machine for immediate sciatica pain relief at home
LloydsPharmacy TENS Dual Channel Digital Pain Reliever

The Lloyds Pharmacy TENS machine is a good option for those on a budget. Unlike the other cheap ones, this one will actually do a good job and not break after a few weeks of use.

However, it is battery powered so you’ll need to change these quite regularly for it to function to it’s full extent for sciatica pain relief.

a TENS pen for immediate sciatica pain relief at home if you don't want pads
Paingone – Pain Relief from Arthritis, Knee pain, Back Pain, Sciatica, Joint & Muscular Pain
This is a really interesting product. It’s essentially a TENS machine, but you use it like a pen and just hold it over the area you want to treat. This eliminates the need for pads, so if you are a long term user of TENS you might save a small fortune.


Acupressure Mats

These are a relatively new invention but they have really good reviews from those with sciatica. Acupressure mats are basically soft mats that you lay on with groups of sharp plastic spikes that press on your back… Sounds painful right?

Actually they aren’t! Because there are so many spikes, they support your body weight without hurting your skin or back.

The premise behind how they work is that they stimulate all the nerves around a problem area, which confuses the pain signals coming that area so you feel less pain when you are on the mat and for a good length of time afterwards.

Wondering if acupuncture will be the right treatment method for you? Why not check out this post HERE.

A couple of people that I have spoken to have used these products for their sciatica, even after trying and failing with multiple different treatments, and found great benefit.

I have certainly been impressed with the potential of these products to provide the immediate sciatica pain relief at home which so many of my clients have been searching for.

Acupressure mat for immediate sciatica pain relief at home
Supportiback® Wellness Therapy Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set – Relieve Back And Neck Pain, Relax Muscles, Relieve Insomnia – Includes Washable Cover, Travel Bag

The Supportiback range are the ultimate in acupressure products for immediate sciatica pain relief at home. The best reviews (and probably best looking!!) product in this category. This product represents great value as it is currently half price.

Bed of nails for immediate sciatica pain relief at home
Bed Of Nails Acupressure Mat Green

Bed Of Nails provide a great acupressure product which will cover more surface area than the Supportiback. It has great reviews and past customers say that the nails don’t wear out, even after months of use.

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 Heat Pads

Heat pads are a fantastic, simple way to find immediate sciatica pain relief at home. When we apply heat to an area, the muscles in that area are encouraged to relax. Sciatica isn’t just nerve pain; the condition causes pain from tight muscles too, where you “lock up” to protect that area.

Apply this electric heat pad to your back or leg for 15 minutes for maximum benefit.

Heat pad for immediate sciatica pain relief at home
Sweet Dreams Electric Heat Pad – Therapeutic, Soothing Pain Relief Therapy for Arthritis, Tension, Stomach, Back, PMS and more (Heat Pad 30 x 40cm)


Pain Relief Gel

This product contains an anti-inflammatory that helps to calm any inflammation around the affected nerve root when someone is suffering from sciatica.

What’s more, it also contains a natural product that will help to relax hyper-tense muscles and reduce pain, as well as provide a soothing effect to the area.

voltarol for immediate sciatica pain relief at home
Voltarol Paineze Emul Gel 50g pack of 2

Always consult your doctor before starting any new medication, including creams

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So those are my current top products for immediate sciatica pain relief at home. I am always on the hunt for products that actually work for sciatica, so if you’ve found anything that isn’t on this list then please do let me know via the comments section!

I hope you’ve found the advice on this page useful. Please do let me know if you purchase anything from this page, so I can thank you and find out how you’ve been getting on with it. That way we can help others find what’s best for their sciatica, too.

As always, thanks for reading!


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