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My name is Will Harlow and I run Overcome Sciatica. My mission is to deliver a complete blueprint for recovery to those suffering from sciatica through expert guidance.

I started Overcome Sciatica in order to help people who are confused, frightened and suffering due to back pain and sciatica.

By providing support for people with sciatica, I teach them a better way to recovery, without pain killers, surgery or missing out on the things they love. 

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Tonnes of free expert information to help you beat sciatica at home, written by one of the UK's leading long-term sciatica specialists.

How Can a Back Problem Cause Pain in My Leg?

back and leg pain sciatica pain relief
Today, we are going to talk about a very common yet poorly understood topic – leg pain that is caused by a problem in the lower back.  While up to 15% of people will suffer from this issue, most will be confused as to why they are in pain and unsure of what to do to fix it. Let me show you why this can occur and what you can do to help it.

Piriformis Syndrome Exercises to Avoid – Prevent Delayed Recovery

piriformis syndrome exercises to avoid

While piriformis syndrome may be “over-diagnosed”, it can prove stubborn and troublesome for those unlucky enough to be afflicted with it.

While there may be loads of online articles and videos with exercises to help this condition, there aren’t many clear guidelines on piriformis syndrome exercises to avoid. That’s where we come in!

Sciatica Symptoms in Hip – Is It Sciatica or Something Else?

sciatica symptoms in hip

Sciatica symptoms in the hip is a very common feature of sciatica but it can also be a sign of a completely different issue entirely. Use this handy guide below to find clues as to whether your pain is a sign of sciatica symptoms in the hip or a different problem.

What Causes Back Pain when Coughing? (And How to Stop It)

back pain when coughing - what causes it and sciatica when coughing

Back pain when coughing can be an alarming symptom, especially if you don’t know the reason for the sudden increase in pain. Worsening back pain when coughing is very common and there are a few clear reasons for this symptom that we will discuss – however, we’re also going to give you some uncommon advice on how to avoid this problem too!

Sciatica in Both Legs – Causes and What to Do About It

sciatica in both legs free sciatica severity assessment

While less common for a person to have sciatica in both legs, I do see this alarming problem quite often as well as hearing a lot of stories from my online readers. From experience, I know that I must take extra care when assessing and treating anyone with sciatica in both legs. Today, we’ll discuss what might cause sciatica in both legs and what to do about it.