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At Overcome Sciatica, We Help People to Get Off Pain Killers, Avoid Risky Surgery and Get Back to the Things They Love!

We help people to REGAIN their lives, even if:

  • They are currently feeling HOPELESS and HELPLESS, having suffered for so long
  • They have ALREADY tried various exercises or stretches and NOTHING has seemed to work
  • They have suffered for over 2 years... and it's only getting WORSE
  • They have been told by a doctor that there's NOTHING that can be done... and they need to "just accept it"
  • They are frightened, nervous and sceptical of any treatment after being let down in the past

How We Help

[STEP 1]

First of all, you need to be sure you are suffering from sciatica.

Most people start by getting diagnosed by a doctor or physical therapist.

You can click here to watch a video showing you our "Sciatica Test", which can help to show if you have sciatica.

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[STEP 2]

Access our Free Expert Information articles to help you get started at home!

Read about how to get better from this frustrating condition in a 100% natural way! Some great places to start:

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[STEP 3]

For those who want some more help - a complete roadmap to getting better FAST...

Use The 7 Steps to Overcome Sciatica to get pain relief, improved mobility and your freedom back!

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We provide tonnes of free expert information for how to relieve sciatica effectively at home WITHOUT reaching for more pain killer or visiting the doctor again!

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You can sign up for our 4-Part Video Series showing you the best exercises you can do for rapid, comfortable sciatica pain relief - and it's currently JUST $7.95 for lifetime access!

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Our most comprehensive home treatment programme for recovering from sciatica. Guarantees an improvement of 70-80% in 90 days - currently at it's lowest price!

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Will Harlow of Overcome Sciatica for sciatica pain relief

Who You'll Be Helped By

Will Harlow is a sciatica specialist physiotherapist from the UK. He has dedicated his working life to helping people with sciatica to understand their problem and, most importantly, get better! His mission is to help those who feel hopeless, helpless and frustrated to return to what life looked like before sciatica.