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Can Sciatica Be Cured? The Truth About Recovery From Sciatica

I think “Can sciatica be cured?” is a very important question to address for anyone who is suffering from sciatica. There is a lot of misleading, ill-advised or plain devious information out there about whether or not you can cure sciatica, so hopefully I can clear up a few questions through this post.

Aims of this post:

  • To debate whether sciatica can be cured or not
  • To talk about when surgery might be needed for people with sciatica
  • To talk about other options for beating sciatica

The answer to the question of “Can sciatica be cured?” is not as simple as yes or no.

It is absolutely possible to fully recover from sciatica, but there are no “miracle cures” despite what you read online or watch on YouTube when you type that question in.

A lot of “miracle cure for sciatica” claims that you see online are posted up there because of vested interests. The people behind these claims are often out to make some cash from people in pain – not good.

However, despite the fact that we need to exercise caution when believing everything we read online, sciatica can be “cured” in many cases without the need for surgery or injections.

Can sciatica be cured? No but you can maximise your bodies potential to cure sciatica

No miracle cures for sciatica

The simplest way to explain it is this:

The way we cure sciatica is by doing everything we can to encourage your body to fix sciatica itself.

No chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or surgeon can “cure” sciatica per se, but through advice and certain techniques we can give your body the best chance to heal itself.

Sometimes, these effects are so dramatic it can seem as though you’ve been suddenly “fixed”, but I assure you that there is no way someone can “pop a disc back into place” or “suddenly reduce inflammation” with one treatment session.

Yes, occasionally these treatments can provide massive temporary pain relief, but the underlying problem won’t have been fixed by someone else.

The only way this recovery process can occur is through the efforts of your own body.

This is one of the reasons I have always advocated a “whole body approach” to anyone that asks me the question can sciatica be cured or not.

One of the other reasons for us not being able to accurately predict who will and who won’t fully recover from sciatica is the fact that everyone’s brain reacts differently to the experience of pain.

There are certain complex reactions in the brain following a long episode of pain which can hinder a recovery. You can read more about this HERE

Surgery for sciatica

One scenario when everything is slightly different is with surgery. You can read all about my opinions on spinal surgery HERE.

There are some conditions that require urgent medical attention; you can read about them HERE.

Surgery does not directly “fix” sciatica, but when people ask can sciatica be cured with surgery, often they are told “yes”. Surgery changes a structure within the spine by either cutting, removing or shaving an offending piece of bone, disc or lesion away. While this does not directly fix sciatica, it usually removes the structure that was causing the problem. In successful cases, this allows the irritation and compression on the affected nerve to settle down.

However, surgery does not have a 100% success rate – far from it.

Surgery is certainly not always necessary and may actually be the worst thing you can do when seeking a cure for sciatica.

Read more about surgery for disc bulges and herniations HERE.

So can sciatica be cured without surgery?

First, let’s look at what causes sciatica, and how each condition can get better.

To recap from my Ultimate Sciatic Guide, we said that the most common causes of sciatica are:

  • Intervertebral disc problems
  • Age-related changes to facet joints and discs
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Spinal stenosis

So, can sciatica be cured?

You’re probably asking:

If all of these problems are due to structures in the back, how can we cure sciatica without directly fixing that structure?

That would be a really sensible question to ask right now. And the answer is that, often, we don’t have to change the structures directly to get really effective relief from sciatica.

The good news is that our bodies are fantastic at eventually returning us to a healthy state, provided we do all the right things to help it.

When someone suffers from a disc prolapse (the condition which causes the inner material from the disc to leak out), over a number of weeks to months, the body will usually re-absorb the disc material and the disc will repair.

Of course, it takes time for this to occur, because the discs themselves have a poor blood supply and a blood supply is needed in order for healing to occur.

With a facet joint problem, if something is done to “even up” the movement that occurs at each of the joints in the back, the stiffness in that one particular joint will ease relatively quickly and the symptoms will subside.

Even in ageing changes (like degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, wear and tear), although we can’t reverse the changes that occur due to age, when stiffness is reduced through the right movement techniques and nerves are helped to “glide” more freely, symptoms reduce dramatically.

You can read more about an effective nerve gliding technique for sciatica pain relief HERE.

These facts are why people get good results with treatment like chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathy.

So, even though we can’t immediately change the “structural problem” in each of these cases, we can dramatically reduce the symptoms that the person is experiencing.

In very extreme cases, surgery is sometimes required.

However, non-surgical options are the right way forward for over 90% of people suffering from sciatica.

Can we feel better without structural changes?

I have had many patients with sciatica who have had an MRI scan to show a disc bulge or prolapse. They then went on to get lots of physiotherapy treatment, and reported their symptoms had improved by well over 90%, which is great.

However, some of them had a repeat MRI scan done after treatment, which looked almost identical to the previous one, even though their symptoms had improved greatly!

So these guys were able to get back to their daily life, with minimal pain, without having to “cure” the underlying condition that caused their sciatica in the first place.

Like I said before, the body is incredible at healing itself, provided we do the right things to help it. The advice about diet, sleep and exercise on this website is a great place to start when trying to recover from sciatica.

So in summary, the answer is “Yes”, sciatica can get better, but we don’t have a “miracle cure” for it that works for everyone.

I hope this article has helped to answer some of your questions; if you’ve found it useful I would love to hear your feedback!

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As always, thanks for reading!

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