Supplements for Sciatica | 2022 Guide to the Best Sciatica Supplements

supplements for sciatica

Using supplements for sciatica is a controversial topic. Some experts recommend the use of supplements for sciatica to reduce inflammation, improve sleep and encourage healing, while others feel that supplements are a waste of time for this problem.

Personally, I feel that there is some value to the use of supplements in the battle against sciatica. This is partly because the implementation of a “whole-body approach” is absolutely necessary in order to return the body to its healthy state after a bout of sciatica.

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Sciatica: How to Sleep! | 9 Tips for Sleeping with Sciatica

sciatica how to sleep

When you consider the amount of pain that sciatica can cause, it’s no surprise that people need a solution for how to sleep with sciatica; it’s a real problem. However, there ARE ways to get some relief at night time.

Here are my top 9 tips for how to sleep with sciatica – so you feel rested, restored and in less pain the following day.

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How to Fix Sciatica When Sitting

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This exact complaint is one I hear all the time, for people with sciatica. What concerns me most is not how common sciatica when sitting is, but how little good quality information there is out there for people suffering from a stiff, achy lower back and dull or shooting pains in their leg after they’ve been sitting for any period of time.

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