Overcome Sciatica Video Series Part 3 – Restore Spinal Mobility

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Welcome to the third part of this 4-part video series from Overcome Sciatica!

In this video, I'll show you how to use your "Movement Preference" (that we found in yesterday's video) to find the ONE best spinal mobility exercise that YOU should be doing to help encourage recovery from sciatica.

As we discussed yesterday, you can use your Movement Preference to find a movement in your spine that is the most comfortable, and find a comfortable exercise based on this.

Using spinal mobility exercises like these are absolutely essential for a full recovery - and if done right, they shouldn't be painful at all.

As always, STOP at the first signs of pain!

I always recommend trying to do 10 repetitions of the exercise that you choose from this video, and repeating this process 3 times per day. Cut your session short if the pain starts to worsen at any time.

In tomorrow's video, I'll show you my BEST pain-relieving technique - Nerve Flossing - and how to do it the RIGHT way! Speak to you tomorrow!

If you can't wait until tomorrow, click here to watch it now!