Overcome Sciatica Video Series Part 2 – Find Your Movement Preference

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Welcome to the second part of this 4-part video series from Overcome Sciatica!

In this video, I'll show you how to find something called your "Movement Preference" - the cornerstone to successful sciatica treatment.

A Movement Preference basically refers to the movement in your spine that is the most comfortable.

Moving your spine when you have sciatica is absolutely essential for a full recovery - even though sometimes it can seem too painful to move your spine at all!

That's why I came up with a different concept than the usual painful physiotherapy exercises. Finding your Movement Preference is the first part of my method - where I identify the movement that is most comfortable in the spine (so I can determine the best exercise to give them for recovery!)

In tomorrow's video, I'll show you how to take your movement preference and turn it into a great exercise for long-lasting sciatica pain relief! See you tomorrow!

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