[VIDEO] – Different Types of Sciatica Pain: What Do They Mean?

Anyone suffering from sciatica knows that the day to day pain can change. Some days it’s sharp and searing, other days it’s a dull throbbing ache.

So, what do these pains mean? Is one worse than the other?

Today, sciatica specialist Will Harlow discusses the different types of pain in sciatica and what each one means.

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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] – Different Types of Sciatica Pain: What Do They Mean?”

  1. Been suffering with back pain and sciatica for over 5 years started with Orthopedic doctors which was a total waste of time and money. Except for the injections. Dealing with the spine you must see a Neuro Science Surgeon only (Not Neurologist)
    Sciatica is extremely painful! Just had L5 S1 surgery which was a very painful surgery recovery…BUT that pain in my hip and right side sciatica is completely gone Amen!
    I still have 3 more marinated disc L4, L3 and L2.
    In reading your article it is VERY informative wish I had seen this year’s ago!! Honestly I had to figure most of these steps out by a lot of research and on my own over the years. DIET is extremely important! I also take B12, Turmeric Cumin and Magnesium supplement whicn is very helpful.
    Your exercises on here are great relief.
    I will continue to follow you! I wish Specialist Doctors would refer us patients to sites like yours while going through the LONG process. My quality of life was awful for the last 1 1/2 years before my surgery. I am very Thankful I had it. So on to continuing treatment with all these steps to hopefully relieve the pain and sciatica from the L4 and L3. Thank You! This site it amazing!

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