best cream for sciatica pain relief

Best Cream for Sciatica Pain Relief: 2023 Guide

Today, we’re going to be looking at the best cream for sciatica pain relief. When suffering from sciatica pain, getting fast relief is a big priority. Sure, exercises and stretches can help to take away the pain over the long-term – but often faster relief is needed.

While creams for sciatica pain relief won’t “cure” the problem, they can bring some rapid and much-needed relief to those who need it. In this guide, I’m going to share with you some of the best creams for sciatica pain relief and where to find them online. Let’s dive in…

Aims of this post:

  • To recommend some of the best creams for sciatica pain relief that have worked for my clients with back pain or sciatica who need fast relief
  • To show you where to find the best deals for the best creams for sciatica pain relief

best cream for sciatica pain relief

The Best Creams for Sciatica Pain Relief: My Top Recommended Products

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that not all of these creams will be suitable for everyone, so be sure to check with your doctor (and read the label) before applying these creams to your body.

You may have already read my post HERE on tried and tested products to make your life that bit easier when you have sciatica… Now, the products in that post are really useful over the long term, but the best creams for sciatica relief on this page are designed to give you rapid sciatica pain relief at home, which is exactly what you need on those inevitable bad days!

These are the tried and tested products used by my clients and other sciatica sufferers when the pain gets just too much to bear.

Note: It is absolutely necessary to reduce pain whenever you can when suffering from sciatica. This is so the hyper-sensitivity in your nerves that we talked about HERE has chance to calm down.

Before we dive in, please be aware that we are part of the Amazon Affiliate programme. This page may contain Amazon affiliate links, so if you choose to purchase a product for your sciatica that we recommend through a link on this page, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us keep Overcome Sciatica alive! Thank you for your support. Please be assured that we only ever recommend products that we truly believe can help. 

Best Creams for Sciatica Pain Relief

There are a number of rubs and creams for sciatica pain on the market. In this section of the article, I’m going to share with you which products I believe to be the best creams for sciatica pain relief.

Always consult your doctor before starting any new medication, including creams.

Voltarol Gel for Sciatica Pain Relief

Click HERE to view Voltarol cream for sciatica pain relief Amazon UK

This product contains an anti-inflammatory that helps to calm any inflammation around the affected nerve root when someone is suffering from sciatica.

What’s more, it also contains a natural product that will help to relax hyper-tense muscles and reduce pain, as well as provide a soothing effect to the area.

Voltarol is a well-established and trusted brand, sold worldwide with many happy users. It has a proven medication (anti-inflammatory) within its ingredients and has been used by many of my clients to good effect. For this reason, I would place it as a go-to best cream for sciatica pain relief for many people.

5Kind Hemp Active Gel for Sciatica Pain Relief

View this product on Amazon UK here

Hemp-based products have grown in popularity over the last few years. I always keep a close eye on the research regarding hemp and CBD – and the research shows mixed results.

This cream for sciatica pain relief is the one that I use with my clients in my own physiotherapy clinic. I am often asked by my clients where they can get this product after our sessions, so it must be having a clear positive effect for many of them.

I’ve also heard great things from users of hemp gel as a cream for sciatica pain relief, and I had one client that used it to relieve back pain to great effect.

The product shown is one of the best on the market right now with over 11,000 ratings and an average of 4.5/5 stars!

Keentox Hemp Cream for Sciatica Pain Relief

Click here to view the Keentox cream for sciatica pain relief on Amazon UK

Another Hemp Cream for sciatica pain, this product has incredible reviews and contains an array of ingredients that have been shown to contribute to decreasing inflammation and pain in various studies.

You’ll find turmeric, arnica and of course hemp extract in this product making it an excellent choice.

I have also used this cream for sciatica pain relief in my clinic with my clients. It does not have the same strength as the 5Kind gel for immediate pain relief, but my clients often still report pain-relieving effects and a “soothing” sensation after use.

Rub onto your back, leg or the source of the problem for best results (of course, check with your doctor first).

FourFive CBD Muscle Rub for Sciatica Pain Relief

Click HERE to view this cream for sciatica pain relief on Amazon UK

I was never convinced by the CBD craze when it all began, but I am starting to see more compelling evidence for its use in some people, in some cases.

While I don’t believe CBD to be “magic”, I do feel this product has potential to relieve some of the muscle pain experienced in the lower back for many people with sciatica.

That is why this product makes it onto the list of the best creams for sciatica pain relief. Check out the reviews of this product – they are really outstanding, with a perfect 5-star rating.

Although this cream for sciatica pain relief is at a higher price point, the product claims to have a high concentration of actual CBD, which is the substance found in cannabis that has the reported pain-relieving effects (without giving one the hazy sensations that come with smoking it!)

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What Else Can Help to Bring Sciatica Pain Relief?

I’m a big believer in the power of improving your general health when it comes to sciatica pain relief.

If you’re struggling with your mobility due to sciatica, one thing that might help is to address other general health issues like your weight, your diet and your general exercise.

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So those are my current best creams for sciatica pain relief as tested by myself and my clients. I am always on the hunt for products that work for sciatica, so if you’ve found anything that isn’t on this list then please do let me know via the comments section!

I hope you’ve found the advice on this page useful. Please do let me know if you purchase anything from this page, so I can thank you and find out how you’ve been getting on with it. That way we can help others find what’s best for their sciatica, too.

As always, thanks for reading!

The information on Overcome Sciatica should never be used as a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. Never put into action any tips or techniques from Overcome Sciatica without checking with your doctor first. Please see full terms of use here.

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