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Are you currently struggling to decide which way to turn next with sciatica?

With a personalised treatment plan, you'll get one-to-one care from Will Harlow, the sciatica specialist behind Overcome Sciatica. After a quick online assessment, he will personally write you a recovery programme for the next 3 months for you to follow at home. 

You'll benefit from 7 day email support while following the plan, meaning you can ask Will any questions at any time!

This new service will provide you with a completely custom-designed and individualised 3-month home treatment plan to rapidly accelerate your recovery from back and leg pain – in the safest, most natural way possible.

Here's how it works:

  • Every week, based on your email responses, Will sends you the exact exercises YOU need to be doing to help your body recover quicker
  • Will sends you the exact changes you should make to your daily routines and habits to accelerate your recovery based on what you do for a living and your hobbies.
  • You will receive guidance on choosing the right supplements for YOUR specific circumstances to enhance recovery
  • You'll receive dietary guidance at the start of the programme, based on the meals you like and your usual diet.
  • You'll get a weekly "check-in" email, where you can let Will know how the week's gone, what's worked and what hasn't.
  • Your plan will teach you exactly how to progress yourself over the course of 3 months, taking you closer to recovery week by week!

If you'd like to learn more about this individualised and highly effective service, click on the link below and fill out a short form so we can assess your personal circumstances and get back to you with information about pricing and whether or not we can help!

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Will Harlow of Overcome Sciatica for sciatica pain relief