[GUIDE BOOK] Learn The Physio & Chiropractor Industry Secrets for Treating Back Pain and Sciatica

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  • Learn the industry secrets used by the top physiotherapists and chiropractors to successfully eliminate back pain and sciatica, that YOU can use at home too!
  • Step-by-step guide to the innovative techniques used by hundreds of people to get relief from their pain at home.
  • Written by sciatica specialist physiotherapist Will Harlow after consulting and collecting tips and techniques from the top back pain and sciatica experts.
  • Suitable for those suffering from back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, disc bulges and many more.
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Will Harlow – Sciatica Specialist Physiotherapist

Written by Will Harlow, the U.K. based sciatica specialist physiotherapist who runs Overcome Sciatica, this guide is absolutely ideal for anyone looking for some more in-depth information about exactly how to put an end to debilitating back pain and sciatica.

Will has spent his whole career so far learning and teaching the best ways to help people afflicted by back pain and sciatica.

This short industry secrets guide was made after months of research and conversations with sciatica specialists, who have also had phenomenal success treating people with back pain and sciatica.

The tips in this book are NOT your usual “exercise and rest” pieces of advice that you will get in the NHS and your doctors surgery.

The techniques are unusual and ground-breaking, but have been shown to WORK by people who were afflicted with back pain and sciatica!

Inside, Will teaches you:

  • The MYTH that many behind-the-times physio’s are following and why it’s WRONG (hint: you need to change physio’s if this sounds like yours!)
  • One of the most important but overlooked areas of the body.
  • The surprising but effective exercise plan that has helped so many recover from back pain and sciatica.
  • The ONE most effective type of pain relief exercise for sciatica.
  • The mysterious “Piriformis Syndrome” that you may have heard about but have no clue how to treat.
  • The one biggest lifestyle change that can have a profound effect on your pain.
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