My name is Will Harlow and I am a sciatica-specialist physical therapist and author from the UK. I help people suffering from sciatica to regain their mobility, get off painkillers and find freedom to do the things they love again.

Over the past 4 years, I've helping many hundreds of people with sciatica to avoid surgery and get their lives back, through my unique treatment methods.

the 7 steps to overcome sciatica

My Motivation

My motivation was my mother.

She suffered from severe sciatica during my childhood. I grew up terrified of seeing her suffering from yet another flare up - unable to move, completely debilitated and in relentless, excruciating pain.

Fast forward 15 years: I became a physical therapist and started working in an outpatient clinic, where I came across many people suffering from sciatica each day.

I was reminded how debilitating this condition can be. I knew I wanted to help, but felt frustrated at the restraints placed on us working in the national health service.

I saw the frustration, crippling pain and affliction on the families of sciatica sufferers everywhere I went. And I was helpless to stop it.

Until I started developing a system that could FINALLY help these people... 

As my system started to take shape, and I had more and more success, I wanted a way to share it with the world - and Overcome Sciatica was born!


If you're anything like my clients, you HATE taking pain killers and you know that surgery should be the very last resort.

If this sounds like you, Overcome Sciatica may well be exactly what you need.

I released my system for a complete recovery from sciatica in the summer of 2018. I called it The 7 Steps to Overcome Sciatica - and you can get started by clicking here.

I also run a Facebook community where I share tonnes of free information for people with back pain and sciatica. This is the best place to reach me. You can apply to join here

I started Overcome Sciatica so that I could share my strategies for getting better with ANYONE who is currently suffering, with the hope of helping as many as I can who are afflicted by this cruel condition.

Please feel free to comment and contribute, or ask for advice if you need it!

Thanks for visiting,

Will Harlow

Published author - The 7 Steps to Overcome Sciatica

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P.S. If you are currently suffering from sciatica and live in Surrey, why not make an appointment to see Will in person? 

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